What is the best way to take the luggage apart?

One flap at a time. Please take a quick look at this video link for a visual explanation.

Can I buy them individually?

Online you can buy the carryon individually, but we only sell the larger units in 3 pcs sets.

Why didn't someone think of this before?

This is the most asked question. We don’t know, but the need for it did not fully arrive until airlines started charging for check in. The original goal of TACH was to help you get the most out of your carry on.

What is the most useful part of TACH?

The carryon is the most useful as you can take up to 3 pcs right to your seat and disconnect them there. Most of you your trip is spent in the terminal so TACH is assisting you and your family right to your seat.

Do I need to use the pulling strap?

We recommend you use the pulling strap when you have 3 or more full pcs of luggage. The D rings are strategically placed to distribute the weigth evenly.
when using the the pulling strap on a standard airport surface rollling friction is about 5% of the actual weight. Meaning, if you are pulling 100 pounds you only need 5 pounds of pulling pressure to ge the luggage rolling.
Once it’s rolling you need much less then 5 pounds of pulling power to keep it rolling.

Why do you have the hook and loop material patch on the back?

We like the idea of having 3 connecting point so the luggage rolls as one solid unit.

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