Travelling is not all fun and games – a lot can go wrong especially with the wrong luggage.

I look back to five years ago when my wife and I were travelling with our daughter. Because we had a child on board, we couldn’t really bring more than one carry-on to the plane so we had them checked-in instead. What frustrated me the most was that we HAD to pay for getting them checked-in. It’s as if it was a built-in fee for travelling with a child.

So I decided to come up with a solution: an attachable luggage system with numerous compartments and features.

TACH Luggage is an innovative way to travel with ease. It allows you to attach two to three luggage together so you can bring all of them at once. It is specifically designed for simplicity. Why invest in those flashy luggage when it can’t even get your stuff from point A to be? Tach Luggage allows you to do all that and more.

Save time and money by making the most out of your carry-on with Tach Luggage!