Know what our clients have to say!

“When we got the luggage I thought it was kind of cool. After using it, I can’t see why I would not buy connectable luggage forever. There is no reason not to have the feature.”

Brian Witherspoon Avon, OH

“One of those ideas that is so simple, you’re almost mad at yourself for not thinking of it first. Be prepared to be stared at. People notice a train of luggage rolling by. A lot of people pointing and saying that is cool.”

Ola Jaroudi Dubai, UAE

“The carry on is my favorite. So easy to stack everything you’re carrying when you have 2 or 3 units connected together. The water bottle holder is brilliant! “


“Seems sturdy and easy to handle. Works as described. I have limited strength and mobility and there is no help in airports anymore. I needed something I could handle alone. This looks like the answer.”


“This has to be the most ingenious addition to luggage. My beautiful wife of 52 years has to use a wheelchair and this luggage will make my life much better.”


“Lightweight and rolls very smooth and easy to attach.”


“Long trip overseas with 3 kids…. these saved our life! Two parents three kids = not enough hands and this made shuffling from place to place a breeze!”